Trump or Clinton – Who Is the Worse Sexual Abuser of Women?

25 10 2016

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From the start, this Clinton is the husband of the next President, Bill himself having been the former President, and together they’ll be back in the White House as a team again for another 4, maybe 8, years.

Both Trump and Clinton are guilty big time.   But when it comes to acts and consequences Clinton is surely on top.   After all he has paid tens of millions to lawyers to defend him in courts and at his impeachment trial in the Senate.  His law license has been taken away so he can no longer practice law.  He paid nearly $1 million to settle with one of his accusers.   And though his impeachment scandal may be largely forgotten now it was quite something when it happened.

And when it comes to helping in the coverup and demeaning/intimidating the victims to threaten and hush them up, that’s where Hillary comes into this sordid picture of repetitious sexual abuse, rape, and political/media coverup.