Saudis, UAE, Egypt, GCC put on PATHETIC show in DC

27 10 2016

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An organization long ago set up by the Saudis gathers in DC at the Reagan Center – it’s the annual gathering of the National Council on U.S. Arab Relations, NCUSAR.  It started yesterday, continues and ends today.   It’s a grossly incestuous  affair which the “Arab establishment” regimes use back home to fake that they have something going in Washington.   More than ever since the Arab Spring it’s become a grossly pathetic propaganda affair and it fails on all counts except the fake part.

Yesterday a UAE billionaire gave away his big book,  bought himself a big speech, and rather stupidly kept trying to promote war with Iran (and Russia) while chastising the Americans for not helping much more their Arab friends and instead siding with the Persians!  The Saudis have sent a couple of members of the al-Saud “royal family” (and a few of their “Kings Scholarship” oh-so-naive students) to push their increasingly desperate and terribly bloody and repressive policies (very limited applause even from this crowd by the way).   The Egyptian Junta sent a slick film promoting the military as the popularly supported savior of the ancient land of the pharoahs.   The quisling PA regime sent a minor speaker who droned on foolishly.   And HSBC Bank put on a give-away multi-course lunch trying to cash-in on all the fat-cat money.

Meanwhile this same Arab elite have propelled their region to utter destruction worse than ever in their history while themselves living the despicable life-style so well-known to those who stroll around London and other high-end shopping and prostitution destinations.   Yup…grossly pathetic in so many ways!