America’s Nervous Breakdown

28 10 2016

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The Republicans are in urgent need of psychoanalysis as well as serious family counseling!   Actually the whole country isn’t that far behind.

The Republicans would have won had their regular standard-bearers run against Hillary.    Bush or Christie or Rubio, maybe even Cruz, would now be getting ready for the White House.    Instead it’s a history-making 3rd stay in the White House for the Clinton duo, as well as a kind of 3rd term for Obama/Clinton/Dems.

What’s different however, very different, is a heightened social/political polarization coupled with a kind of un-governability of the country itself, as well as a changed world surrounding America leading to a major reduction and shakeup of America’s place in that world.

The dilemmas facing the U.S. and the world that Hillary and her combination of neo-liberals and neo-conservatives (i.e., the Washington establishment) must grapple with are novel.  More urresolveable and more dangerous than ever.

Image result for caricature nervous breakdown