“One of My Staffers”

1 11 2016

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Huma is not just “one of” her “staffers”.   Huma Abedin is and has been for quite a long time her closest confidant, her constant companion, her “body-woman” and rumors have it a little more as well.   To dismiss her and to dismiss what has happened saying “if they want to look at more emails this time from one of my staffers”…is not what the situation requires Hillary.

Meanwhile, Huma is saying via her lawyers that she never even used the computer that has all the emails and has no idea how they all got there.   Two possibilities come to mind.   The first that she is protecting herself from legal charges having sworn more than once that she handed over all her emails and devices (which neither she nor Hillary really did but the proof has been missing).   The second that her Weiner husband stole her passwords and was collecting and reading all her emails for many years.

Meanwhile as well…it’s not just whether there are “classified” things in any of the emails.    It’s also why so many tens of thousands of Hillary et. al.  emails that were required by law to be preserved as government records, and that were legally supposed to have been turned over to the government if even possibly related to her government work, were systematically destroyed with wipe-out programs and in some cases hammers.

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