3 11 2016

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FBI Director Comey has been under immense pressure from inside the bureau for some time, and that’s why he did what he did last Friday.   His boss, the Attorney General — a Clinton and then Obama appointee and friend — has tried to block ClintonIncGate as well as EmailGate.  Her airport meeting with Bill Clinton caused an uproar and she publicly had to say she was recusing herself, though that doesn’t seem the case.  Now an FBI REVOLT is underway with major leaks escalating both in Washington and New York.  At issue:

  1. CLINTON FOUNDATION “Pay for Play” FBI investigation has been ongoing for a year despite Justice Dept attempts to quash it.  Insiders say top investigatots are pushing for indictments.
  2. Multiple Foreign Intelligence organizations hacked the Clinton home “private server”.   Likely suspects:  Russia, China, Israel and others.
  3. CLASSIFIED secret info leaked out from Clinton’s “unsecured” communications in many ways including onto Weiner’s home computer via Huma.
  4. Hillary withheld and destroyed thousands of emails and perjured herself about them.  Hillary ordered emails purged, special destroy programs used, and some devices were even pounded to death with hammers.
  5. Wikileaks revelations have been devastating and may provide multiple smoking guns….hence the frantic Clinton effort to try to deflect by blaming the Russians.