Why You Need Vote Hillary…Even in Despair/Disgust/Fear

4 11 2016

“Trump, then, is about all that has gone wrong in our society, and nothing of what has gone right. He is about putting his name on buildings he doesn’t own, about not paying his taxes, about a charitable foundation that spends its money on self-aggrandizement, about beauty pageants where he can invade dressing rooms and ogle nude teenagers. He has even debased the notion of luxury, with his gilt parody of the good life. He does not read. He doesn’t have the patience to be briefed–or, worse, to discern between reality and crazy conspiracy theories, between propaganda and truth. His acceptance of Russia’s attacks on our electoral system is unprecedented and outrageous. He upends stability because he doesn’t know enough to value it. Those who would put Clinton’s failings in the same league as Trump’s depravities are delusional.”

TIME Magazine’s establishment gatekeeper, Joe Klein, isn’t completely right in this savage take-down of Trump.   But he’s right enough…and it’s choice time…and sitting it out with many excuses, no matter how valid, is another worst of evils bad choice.   So we’re stuck with Hillary, Bill at her side if not in her bed, along with the corrupted incestuous Zionist-money Neocon/Wall Street/Hollywood multi-infested Democratic Party.  OMG!

Even so…RIGHT NOW we’ve got to save the present country and most especially, when thinking ahead, The Court.   So first things first as much as I myself value so much looking ahead on the historical chessboard as well as always remembering and learning from what’s behind.

BUT!   RIGHT AFTER election day we need more urgently than ever get back to saving our future, our integrity, our principles, and our political souls.

We’re dodging the worst political bullet of our lifetime, but in doing so we’re still getting repeatedly shafted by Hillary and her cohorts with such constant lies, deceit, deception, trickery, and war-mongering.

INDEED!  When it comes to foreign policy we’re being more dangerously and more cynically than ever hammered with Neocon/Zionist/Saudi/CIA/Pentagon/Media falsehoods making our country the greatest invader, the greatest killer, the greatest arms merchant, and the greatest danger to ourselves as well as all of humanity.

TRUE!  Hillary and the Dems have become a usually disingenuous, often disgusting, and constantly fearful choice.    Yet Trump and his T-party Republicans are much worse…both short and long term.

ALAS!  The lesser of evils is the tragically necessary choice at the moment…   Even so I’m still closing my eyes and pinching my nose and compromising my values as well as instincts…and making an existential prayer I’m wrong about the future!

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