Gunning For Trump!

6 11 2016

The entire American establishment, including many of the top leaders of the Republican Party, have been out to get Trump, to stop Trump, throughout the campaign.   He’s not one of them, he doesn’t owe them, he actually thinks the American President can really give orders to everyone and hire/fire at will.  He’s not just a brash free-wheeling outsider but an unpredictable threat to the “deep state”, to the “military-industrial state”, to the “corporate big-money establishment”.

Despising the way their country has been run, and greatly doubting what their leaders have been telling them, there is a groundswell of populism, most of it quite uninformed and ignorant when it actually comes to the great issues their country faces, which Trump has tapped into.  Whatever happens Tuesday the U.S. goes forward with nearly half of its citizens having voted for him and distrusting, even for many hating, their government as rarely before.

If only Trump were not such a psychopathic narcissist political snake-oil salesman!