7 11 2016

Barack Obama speaks at his final campaign rally in Manassas, Virginia

Tonight 8 long years ago, Monday night before the 2008 election, I was in Manassas Virginia in dark late hours for the last Obama Rally before election day.   It was an open air rally with a huge number of people (100,000+) on the Manassas battlefield.  There was tremendous excitement and energy.  HOPE and CHANGE were real (so we thought then).  The prospect of a truly new direction for America and the world was believable (so we believed then).

I wouldn’t have been there going through all the hassles but for one of my longest international friends who was an official election observer from Pakistan (he was former Minister of Information).   He invited me and he had special passes through security and through the crowd.   We were in quickly and up close to Obama — somewhere in this picture.    We didn’t get home till 3am and hours later, that election day evening, again compliments to my friend who invited me and got me in, we were in an exclusive area of The Newseum for the Obama victory party.

Not much excitement this go around.  The very words “Hope” and “Change” have been seriously devalued.   Hillary and Bill are heading back to the White House for their 3rd term, and in a sense for Obama Term 3.  What joy and hope there is this time is largely manufactured by the Clinton and Dem Party machines.  Rather than “Change” there is not just more of the same ahead…but worse ahead…especially when it comes to foreign policy.

The Trump/Clinton American “National Nightmare” is not ending with this election day. It is continuing into a most uncertain and dangerous future.   Not my term, but that which they repeatedly used on NBC’s flagship Meet The Press program yesterday morning.

The country has rarely if ever been more polarized, disbelieving in its leaders and institutions, and insecure/fearful of its future.   The world has rarely if ever been so dangerously unstable and pregnant with looming cataclysmic disasters.