12 11 2016

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Oops…I meant THE NEW YORK TIMES.  The “Newspaper of Record” that helped bring us the unending Iraq War based on its gross misreporting and still refuses to tell us basic truths about 9/11 and about Israel/Zionism, failed us all miserably once again with the 2016 selection (oops…this time I meant election).

Exactly one month before the election, on the front page of the all-important Sunday Review section on 9 October, we were told by senior NYTimes writers that “Donald Goes to the Dogs”…”I’ve never seen anything as absurd as the motley crew of Trump advisers…”   On the next page at the top we were told “I expect that on Nov. 9, the morning after the vote, we’ll be talking about the election of the first female president of the world’s most powerful nation.  And we’ll be breathing an epic sigh of relief: that Donald Trump isn’t bound for the White House; that the ugliness of the campaign is at last behind us…  Clinton will clutch her prize and turn to an ambitious agenda…”