14 11 2016

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** Trump to China: You Can Rise BUT We Still Rule **

It’s a message delivered via senior surrogate, former CIA Director, long-time super-hawk, also major Zionist operative, James Woolsey.  And it was cleverly delivered just a day after Trump’s election via the Hong Kong South China Morning Post (owned by the head of AliBaba) rather than the Washington Post (owned by the head of Amazon).  In one sense it’s a message from within the Trump camp to Xi and China’s elite, in another sense it’s a message from within the Deep State to Trump and his personal circle.  The full column is at top of WashReport today.  Here are the key sentences:

The United States is still, by far, the leading military force in the world. We are the only country that can project power in volumes sufficient to deter enemies, decide wars and pacify entire regions… We conquered the Philippines, burned Japan and bombed to rubble part of Cambodia, Korea and Vietnam…  America’s commitment to the spread of freedom is unwavering. Yet, as we improve our understanding of the complexities of the Chinese social and political system, it becomes increasingly apparent that challenging the current system is a risky endeavour. We may not like it but we don’t necessarily have to do something about it. I can therefore see the emergence of a grand bargain in which the US accepts China’s political and social structure and commits not to disrupt it in any way in exchange for China’s commitment not to challenge the status quo in Asia. It may not be a spoken agreement but a tacit understanding that guides the relations in the years to come.

The “Grand Bargain” Trump is telegraphing to China is:  We’ll leave your regime to do as you like inside China, just don’t screw with our Pacific and Asian alliances including our military build-up (aka the “pivot”).  You accept the present international world order under U.S. domination and we’ll end our undermining of your regime at home plus we’ll sustain but low-key and even loosen a bit our containment of China abroad.

Whatever is coming, as usual the devil is in the details and the follow-through.   What would such a “Grand Bargain” mean for Trump-promised economic protections, South China Sea, the Philippines and Korea and Japan, ongoing U.S. as well as Chinese military buildups, the de facto China-Russia connection, CIA-NGOs in China, cyber spying and possible war preparations both sides know are well under way.   The Woolsey article further signals U.S. awareness that the Sino-American relationship, even more than Washington-Moscow, is of utmost importance to the controlling American Deep State.   Plus would a Trump Administration have the finesse and sophistication to maintain such an amorphous, unwritten, hard-to-interpret deal with Beijing especially as conditions at home and worldwide, including in the Middle East as well as in Asia, further slide out of U.S. control.

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