UNPRECEDENTED! Electoral College take note!

20 11 2016

These are the numbers as of 18 November with mostly California votes still to come, a state heavily in favor of Hillary.

Clinton     63,541,056          Trump   61,864,015             Others    7,034,595

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UNPRECEDENTED!     Can’t say that too many times!  We’ve never had a President like Trump.   We’ve never had a President who never before served in any elected office.  We’ve never before had a President who quite widely is considered temperamentally psychopathic and dangerous; or one who chose as his National Security Adviser someone who is (so termed by former top General and Secretary of State Colin Powell) “unhinged”; or one whose “Top Strategist” is a white supremacist racist alt-righter.   And we’ve never had an election in which the candidate who lost got more than 1.5 million more votes than the winner!

Alexander Hamilton worried in The Federalist Papers that someone unqualified, but with a talent for “low intrigue, and the little arts of popularity” could become President.  As a protection against this he urged the Electors in the Electoral College (which votes this year on 19 Dec) to study the requirements of the job, be “favorable to deliberation”, and, ultimately, choose only someone suitable.  Originally that was among the major reason for setting up the Electoral College in the first place.

True, the Electoral College has never before intervened and chosen the President in this way.  But then everything about this election is Unprecedented.   And just 16 years ago the Supreme Court had never before intervened, and by a startling divide of 5 to 4, selecting Bush  who got less votes than Gore (about a half million in that case).

Moral of all this?  Unprecedented times maybe call for Unprecedented actions.


Note:  Before Trump and Bush, the presidents who lost the popular vote — all long long ago and all Republicans (except for Adams who was before the Party system) are:  John Quincy Adams, Ruther B. Hayes and  Benjamin Harrison.   And never has the popular vote for “the loser” been even close to so great as 2016.

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