Media biggies meet with Trump and fail us all

22 11 2016

They were summoned a day before and they all came yesterday.  They acted more as, and they were so treated, as supplicants before a King than the top leaders of the “Fourth Branch”, the people’s continual daily Constitutionally protected branch, of government.  Just read the outrageous New York Post report (top of WashReport today)!  Faced with such a psychopathic intimidating shakedown by Trump,  not a single one of the media giants had the instincts, the guts, or the dignity to stand up at the end and simply say:

“Thank you Mr. Trump for inviting us today.  We’ll be inviting you often and expecting you to come and discuss the affairs of our great country with us regularly.   You have made it even more clear today how you intend to act as the new President of the United States; and that is your prerogative.   Our own responsibility is that we will continue to play our critical role as fully independent journalists ever more careful to watch over and report fairly and robustly about all the things the citizens of our country must know and understand for our democracy to remain united and strong.  Thank you again Mr. Trump and Good Day.”

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