The Electoral College Petition to deny Trump

26 11 2016


Donald Trump represents a unique threat to our Republic and our Constitutional system of government.

  • He would be the only president-elect in American history who has never held public office.
  • He has proposed forced religious registration, violating on the Constitution
  • He has promised to use civil liability attack the free press
  • He has admitted to sexually assaulting women on tape
  • He has encouraged violence at his rallies
  • He has advocated using torture, in violation of the Constitution
  • He has been subject to more lawsuits than all presidents combined, including 75 currently open
  • He has a personality totally unsuited for the presidency
This is a quote from the Electoral College Petition now circulating.   The danger of someone like Donald Trump is precisely why Hamilton, Madison and the other Founding Fathers gave Electors the power to choose the President.
Long shot indeed.  But even so take a look: