Summarizing Obama

30 11 2016


They humored him.  They manipulated him.  They waited him out.  He drank their Kool-Aid.  He became their unwilling unknowing facilitator.  In many ways he became one of them– the Washington establishment, the swamp, the land of the body-snatchers, the “liberal” Jewish Zionists, the mega-rich Wall Streeters and Hollywood titans.  His “hope” and “change” slogans morphed into despair and more of the same…even worse when it comes to drone killings, covert ops, whistle-blowers, neo-Cold War with Russia and growing tensions with China.   He destroyed his credibility.  He became the “Neocon-Facilitator”.   He set the stage with all the war preparations for what is happening and about to explode rather than trying to seriously alter course as did JFK.   He brought us Trump.