Forest Fire “Terrorism”?

2 12 2016

Is this what is happening in the Great Smokey mountains, out West in the U.S., and a few weeks ago in Israel?  The origins of these major and unprecedented fires is mysterious, though one official source let it be known the massive Great Smokey fire was “human caused”…with no further comments.

If so a few things are actually unsurprising.   In view of what has happened in the Middle East, and with Israel, and in recent years in Syria as well as Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and beyond, it is not surprising there is hatred, revenge, payback, and counter-strikes.   We call it all “terrorism” not only for simplicity sake but to discredit without thought and analysis all those who believe they are themselves “freedom fighters” and fighting the invaders.  Furthermore it is not surprising that those in authority are not calling it what it is.   For if these fires are really being human set by “terrorists” this may well be all but unstoppable and thus very little is being said about the causes and the successes from “the other side”.