SEX Cost Hillary the Presidency

5 12 2016


Whether it was the rape allegations against husband and former Pres Bill, as well as the secret flights to Lolita Island on Epstein’s jet, that got to some of the voters…

Whether it was Weinergate Sextinggate that got to some more of the voters…

Or whether it was how Weinergate embroiled Hillary’s Huma, married to Weiner by Bill in fact, which led to his/her computer which then led to FBIGate…

Clearly sexual misdeeds and rumors of many kinds all combined to help bring us The Donald rather than the first woman POTUS.

All this without even much attention paid to the Hillary Huma relationship and Hillary’s own still kept from main stream media personal involvements.

Even Hillary herself has now said that it was FBIGate that caused her to lose momentum and the election.   But she didn’t go back just a step or two and connect the dots from Huma and Wiener that led to FBIGate.

And just a quick reminder, twelve years ago it was SexClubGate that brought Obama to the White House.  When running for the Senate in 2004 Obama was not expected to win.   Rather his multimillionare Harvard B School grad Jack Ryan was on track to be the next Senator from Illinois when his sex scandal came into view and in quick succession Obama gave the keynote speech in July at the Dem Convention, won the Senate seat in November, and just a few years later ran for and became POTUS.    All because of what Jack Ryan did to and with Jerry Ryan and how what was suppose to be secret got leaked…we still don’t know by whom for how much and with whom pulling the strings behind the scenes.

OH yes, with so much going on with and around the Clintons….Donald got a pass from many for his own gross language not to mention actions and extreme excesses.   Had Hillary not had so much sexual baggage of her own she could have far better and more credibility kept continually exposing Trump.

Jeri Ryan 2014.jpg   Huma Abedin DNC 2016 Pre Hillary Clinton Speech at Democratic National Convention (July 28, 2016).jpg