China Must Respond to Trump

6 12 2016

CHINA must respond…but not in kind…rather much more deftly while seriously hitting the Americans where they are sensitive and where there can be escalation if Trump does not relent.

Trump not only did the unprecedented call with the titular President of Taiwan, he sent his spokesman out to say it was just a “courtesy call” (i.e., he lied and deceived about it), and then he insultingly tweeted about China reminiscent of his defamatory comments that “China is raping us”.   The Taiwan call was actually carefully planned and arranged well in advance…not the simple random “congratulatory call” Trump pretended.   So…what should be the response from Beijing?

First, in a low-key but firm way, China should make it known no senior Chinese officials will be attending the Trump inaugural…not unless Trump and his top officials clearly promise no more calls or direct contact with the President of Taiwan and no moves ever that imply “independence” or “sovereignty” for Taiwan.   Rubbing it in maybe the Charge d’affairs or a lesser official goes just to the swearing in ceremony…nothing else.

But this is only symbolic and not sufficient.   Real counter-actions are needed and should be started now in advance of Trump’s inaugural.  Of course go ahead with the South China Sea plans.  After all the U.S. has surrounded China with military bases throughout Asia and the Pacific.

 Yesterday’s Veto along with Russia in the Security Council was appropriate.    Now invitations to key foreign leaders to visit Beijing in the weeks ahead are in order.   Maybe put Iran and Syria at the top of the list followed by invites to the leaders of such countries as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, and maybe again the Philippines.

Furthermore, from now on China should let the Trump incomers know that each American diplomatic or public relations slight that goes against long established US-China policies will be met with a counter-action at China’s choosing and timing.   Dealing with the worst psychopath and the most dangerously unfit American President in history requires  careful analysis coupled to firm consistent actions…on top of even more preparations for sustained confrontations and even conflicts.