Obama and “Liberal” Jews – Historic Failures

12 12 2016

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Israel is at the top of Obama’s great failure list.

Bibi Netanyahu and the American Jewish Organizations that dominate Congress, the Media, and so much of American society have not only prevailed.  They have actually made Obama look like a bumbling fool and by doing so they certainly contributed to Obama’s decline and thus to Trump’s rise.  That they don’t say this clearly in public is part of their great success. They’re too smart to do that and they don’t need to.  Rather they are gloating privately while busy planning to use Trump, along with his orthodox Jewish son-in-law, to expand their gains and even try to force another false Potemkin “peace agreement” down the political throats of the divided, demoralized, and now all-but-vanquished Palestinians.

The “liberal” Jewish Zionist “Love Israel” organizations  — J Street and Americans for Peace (APN) among them — are also terrible failures.  They too refuse to admit it, in fact they are desperately trying to re-position themselves with new slogans and more oh-so-false and simplistic appeals.   The reality is they are hollow, incestuously kept alive by fewer and fewer rich “liberal” Zionists (if that term is still credible), and more than ever spinning their wheels wasting the time and money of those who still involve themselves with them

When it comes to Israel, Obama and his J Street and Peace Now conduits have destroyed “Hope” and “Change” as well as “The Two-State Solution”.    At the same time they have become the “Neocon Facilitators” super-arming Israel, along with the Saudis and Gulf States, for the even greater killing and destruction and escalating regional war that now lies ahead.

Image result for caricature obama and israel