Electoral College Coup?

13 12 2016

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Fantasy has already met reality a few times this election cycle.  So use your imagination this morning, however wild and far-out it still seems:

  • The intelligence agencies have fingered the Russians, implying if not so saying, that maybe they are responsible for Trump becoming POTUS.
  • The Dems keep pointing out that Hillary won far more votes than ever before in American history and yet the electoral votes proclaim Trump.
  • Even the White House and Members of Congress point loudly to Russia as the villain in the election drama.
  • While this is going on Trump, worried what he might say anything that could cause further problems, cancels his previously much-hyped 15 Dec Press Conference
  • Some electors in an unprecedented step get briefed by the Director of National Intelligence.
  • More Op Eds and Editorials appear in major establishment press calling for the Electoral College to rise to the occasion.
  • In the coming days some American notables step forward calling on the Electors to fulfill their historical role.
  • Next weekend there is a cascade of voices on the talk shows and in social media urging the same.
  • On 19 December there is an Electoral College Coup!