Coup Attempt Against Trump

16 12 2016

Wednesday the CIA used two “Senior Intelligence Officials” to give an “exclusive leak” to NBC.  Russia’s Putin personally ordered the hacking in a “vendetta” against Hillary so the story goes.   NBC led it’s prime-time evening news program with the story that night, and again with the Today Show yesterday morning.  Comments underscoring the “great importance of this story” have come from so many since, including the White House.

At the same time a group of Hollywood celebrities, Martin Sheen (who played President on The West Wing series) in the lead, put out a short slick video calling for the Electors, who gather Monday in “The Electoral College”, to vote against Trump.  Move-On and other have been fanning all this ast and hard, and some of the electors are calling for a briefing this weekend from the Head of National Intelligence about Russia and Putin and the Election.

It’s all quite a quite unprecedented, especially so publicly joined in by the CIA and the sitting President however disguised, to desperately attempt to get the Electors to alter their votes and change history.    But then Trump is also unprecedented, as is so much that has been going on in out social-political culture of late.  Indeed America is in the throes of an ongoing national nervous-breakdown.   Expect more of the unprecedented.

Much more about all this can be found at the top WashReport yesterday and today.   And remember, as far out as it seemed then and still, I actually called for this nearly a month ago on 20 November and again on 26 November and earlier this week  as well.