Question #1 for Rex: BOLTON!

17 12 2016

Not Russia.  Not Diplomatic Experience.  Not even climate change and fossil fuel pollution and corruption.   On all these things Rex Tillerson can weave and twist and say what he’s so adept at saying and his briefers train him to orate.

The first question to Tillerson should be who is going to be your top deputy at Foggy Bottom?  After all the Secretary of State is super busy gallivanting around the globe.  It’s his deputy who actually runs the Dept of State and takes care of business in Washington.  Especially for a business tycoon non-diplomat serving a psychopathic narcissistic President, and even more especially in view of whom the choice is rumored to be, this needs to be the first question for Tillerson and if he tries to avoid it he should not be confirmed.

Rumors are Trump/Tillerson plan to make super hawk anti-diplomat John Bolton top dog at Foggy Bottom.   “John Bolton is a bigger neocon than Dick Cheney…a massive neocon on steroids” oh-so-rightly condemns MSNBC’s John Scarborough.