Peace Now (Jim Klutznick) + National Council (John Duke Anthony)

23 12 2016

       National Council on U.S.-Arab Relatoins

                                     KLUTZNICK (APN) and ANTHONY (NCUSAR)

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                                                 Don’t believe or support either!

New Year dawning.  Trump and Company taking over.  For Americans concerned about the Middle East people like Jim Klutznick (Peace Now) and John Duke Anthony (National Council on US Arab Relations) keep right on soliciting your money by lying to you and by manipulating you appealing to your simplistic instincts to want to help do something!

Well think again!  Very frankly make a New Year’s resolution to stop being so gullible and stupid!   Stop supporting these false-flag waste-your-time-and-money-and-hope organizations!

To put it clearly and crassly both Klutznick and Anthony are really deceptive political whores.  Klutznick does so on behalf of “liberal Israeli Zionists” who use him shamelessly…and he doesn’t even get it.   Anthony does so on behalf of the Saudis and the other super-rich Gulf GCC dictators…who bought him long ago.  Both have just sent out far and wide more slick year-end give-me-your-money solicitations.

Over the years I’ve commented considerably about both of these persons and the organizations they so miserably lead as they shamelessly pretend they are something other than what they really are.  (Note:  you can use search at top right of and to find and read from the past.)