Obama – So Tragic So Defeated

24 12 2016

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Wowwie!  (wink)   As he fades away, largely a tragic and defeated President, Obama “abstained” as the U.N., once again, declared Israeli settlements are illegal and should not be.   Indeed the U.N., as well as mantra-repeating Obama, keeps harking on about a “Two-State Solution” which in historical reality — largely in fact because of the U.N. going way back, and because of Obama of late — will now not ever be…(not for real anyway).

It’s a very long story, one I am writing in considerable detail about as both a participant and analyst in the book “The Life and Death of the Two-State Solution”.   Suffice it to say at this moment that Obama’s meager “abstention” in the UNSC yesterday actually means very very little.  Who even remembers UNSC resolutions 242 and 338 of yesteryear….as well as so many others in so many U.N. bodies going way back to the U.N.’s creation in fact.

What really matters is actual policies and “what is done on the ground” as the Zionist movement has proven time and time again for a hundred years.

What really matters is that in his White House years Obama super-armed the Israelis while failing miserably in all of his political and diplomatic initiatives.   He didn’t even really prevent war with Iran…that was always a really crafty Israeli bluff in fact to get more and more arms and money for themselves along with the Saudi/Gulf alliance along with the fracturing or takeover of nearly all the Arab States in the neighborhood.

Most telling of all, as Obama departs — far more in disgrace and defeat then he and his minions dare to admit — Netanyahu stays and Trump cometh.   What can be a more damning indictment of Obama than that!