The Other Psychopath

27 12 2016

Image result for caricature netanyahu

OMG!  How could we have forgotten!  We’ve already been “living” with this psychopath for some time!    The way Benjamin Netanyahu has lashed out at the world, at the U.S., at the U.N., at Obama since Friday’s Security Council unanimous vote against Israeli policies (but for the American abstention), shows how dangerously unstable and irrational Bibi is.

He could have handled it quietly and behind-the-scenes, especially at Christmas time (wink…after all Jewish Jesus taught turning the other cheek), especial with Trump on his side.   Instead, over and over, unrelentingly, he kept drawing the world’s attention far and wide to what he could have said, should have said, in public at least, was just another U.N. vote against Israel, one of so many (false grinning smile).

Never before have we had super psychopaths in charge in both Israel and the U.S.  RED ALERT WORLD!