Obama: Santa? Jesus? Or Masked Neocon?

28 12 2016

It’s the season to think about Santa and Jesus.  But after eight long years Obama has been instead such a tragic disappointment.   His has been a failed Presidency in so many ways as he has presided over the destruction of the very “hope” and “change” slogans that propelled him to the White House.  It will be so difficult to ever believe again in such concepts — and that includes when they are articulated by Bernie or Elizabeth after their two-timing with Hillary/Obama.

So Obama is neither Santa nor Jesus…but he definitely is Chameleon and he will soon be largely gone from both Washington and history.  As he departs Obama’s greatest legacy is how he prepared the way and brought on Trump.   When it comes to foreign policy Obama has actually been the Neocon-Facilitator-in-Chief.  While at times, especially with Iran, he held them back from completely pulling the trigger, he has actually set the stage and prepared the way for that too.  Among other things he has super-armed the Israelis and Saudis/Gulf while bringing on the destruction of Libya and Syria and Yemen, in addition to Afghanistan and Iraq which were well underway before his arrival though he has actually made things quite worse.

Obama has delivered so little that his last minute  U.N. Israel abstention last Friday is being presented as such a big deal.  Now had the U.S. voted with the rest of the world and made it 15-0 that could have been at least politically and historically significant.   But courageless, too-little too-late, constantly waffling  Obama “abstained” after providing Israel more money and more arms during his White House years than any American President before him.

On Obama’s watch a real “Two-State Solution” which he continues to champion died from abuse and exhaustion…only the burial has been delayed.  On Obama’s watch Israel’s vast settlement enterprise expanded as never before…even as Obama sent more money and more arms than ever before.   One could go on and on about “On Obama’s watch”….drones, cold war Russia, trillion-dollar nuclear build-up, failed health care, failed Supreme Court, failed trade pact, much-hyped but far too little climate efforts.   And oh yes…did I mentioned he and Hillary brought us Trump?