“You’re Pardoned!” 2017

31 12 2016

Dear still President Obama:

I’ll skip all the introductory comments which could go on and on and on.   Suffice it to say that you still can do doing something bold and decisive with your pardon powers.  I’m sure there are more but for me the following come immediately to mind for a Presidential pardon all together:

Hillary Clinton.   Let’s get on with the big important issues and end the sordid national obsession, however warranted, with the Clinton misdeeds.  Fully pardon her so all the legal wranglings end once and for all no matter what Trump and his will do.  Of course it would have been better for Trump to do this; but whatever you and he have been talking about you know he cannot be counted on.  Doing the right thing is not even in Trump’s head as an option.

Julian Assange – Wikileaks.   Assange is not American but he can be assured there will be no forced extradition and no criminal charges here.

General 4-Star James Cartwright.  Wrongly facing felony 5 years and $250,000 fine to make him another major frightening example and scapegoat.

General 4-Star David Petraeus.   Whatever one thinks of his policies and misdeeds he did brilliantly what his countries top leaders commanded him to do.

Chelsea Manning.   He has already suffered far far more than enough to make the point about deterring anyone who might think in the future of exposing such American war crimes.

John Keriakou.  He never should have been charged as a CIA whistle-blower, he’s already served in prison and seriously suffered career and financially, now amends should be made however possible.

Edward Snowden.  Let him come home from Moscow.  Enough said.

Mordechai Vanunu.  He’s Israeli (despite his wishes) and the world’s premier whistle-blower.   Remember how you promised to start freeing the world from nuclear weapons?  You should have insisted the Israelis let him go in return for Pollard — but  you missed the opportunity and the moment.   Put him on your list simply saying the Israelis long ago have let him go and that he is welcome in the USA fully pardoned.

(When first drafted some weeks ago I addressed this fantasy to Trump rather than Obama saying the following):

Dear President-elect Trump:

You’re so famous of course for “You’re Fired!” not to mention other choice slogans and tweets.    Now you will soon be POTUS so it’s time for a new approach and for bold, decisive, all-inclusive attitudes and actions.  President Trump could demonstrate this with a major symbolic first-day Presidential pardon of the following persons:

These are the biggies that immediately come to mind.  No doubt there are others.  Also dear President-elect Trump, at the least pardon ALL of the above not just those your own supporters will applaud.   Show us on your first day in the White House after your triumphant swearing in and march down Pennsylvania Avenue that you are the truly new and different President of all of us.  Demonstrate for us from the get-go that you are going to be bold and decisive and fair and just and do the right thing!  And please remember now, reference is to the right thing not just for these individuals but even more importantly for our dignity and cohesion of our “united” country!