Obama: Desperate, Diminished, Departed

3 01 2017

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Once again Putin and Russia have shamed Obama and America.  Whereas Obama looks (and is) desperate with his last-minute political jabs this way and that, Putin looks (and is) statesmanlike with restraint and consistency.  And not only about the diplomatic slaps and sanctions+cyber attacks Obama has ordered on Russia about which Putin has risen thoughtfully above; but also about Syria where Russian arms and diplomacy continue to outmaneuver Obama, as well as about Ukraine and beyond.

Remember as well that even with the Russian-Iran-Turkey-Syria-Lebanon ceasefire in Syria Obama has not only not joined in but rather has ordered an escalation of new more powerful arms to the “moderate” Islamic fighters as well as more economic as well as covert CIA and cyber warfare against Russia.

Furthermore still when it comes to Israel/Palestine the Russians are with the whole world and regardless of Obama’s last-minute much-too-late-too-little “abstention” America is no longer in charge or even very credible.

Worst of all of course the desperate, diminished, and departing Obama has been upended and is about to be flipped by the incoming super-psychopath super-Zionist super-racist and super-dangerous tyrant brought to America and to the world by the largely discredited and failed Obama/Clinton duo.