9 01 2017

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Already Trump has appointed super hawks along with “Mad Dog” and “unhinged” and “extreme nationalist” Generals to top positions.   Already Trump has announced his intent for the greatest naval and military build-up since World War II.   Already Trump has publicly threatened China and North Korea and beyond using vile language and insulting gestures.

What’s ahead is an exceeding dangerous time in world affairs as the result of the Americans electing this super psychopathic narcissist militarist imperialist racist to be their President.   It is indeed reminiscent in too many ways of Germany in the early 1930s.   But this is a far more dangerous time in world history and today’s weapons are immensely more dangerous than then.   Einstein warned us about what was coming and how we might not survive.  Chomsky has termed the Trump Republican Party the most dangerous political organization in the history of mankind.

So if you are thinking no it’s not so bad and Trump and Company will moderate and be reasonable and not set the world on fire remember this:

Bush/Cheney came to power in 2000 saying America should not be the world policeman, the U.S. should not be constantly intervening in the affairs of other nations, that America should in fact be a much more humble nation concentrating on its own problems.

Then Obama came to office talking about ending all the ongoing wars,  freeing the world from the scourge of nuclear weapons, and bringing about peace in the Middle East…getting him a Nobel Peace Prize right from the get go (of course that should have been recalled a long time ago already!).

But just look at what Bush/Cheney and Obama/Clinton actually did!    And now get ready for….let me repeat….the super psychopathic narcissist militarist imperialist racist taking power in the insecure and lashing out “Divided” States of America!