Azmi Bishara Corrupted

11 01 2017

Among Palestinians the Bishara brothers are special.   One has long been in Israeli prison and sometimes wrongly thought of as a possible Palestinian Mandela.  The other is in exile in Qatar after serving in the Israeli Knesset.   It’s in Qatar that he has been seduced by the money and luxury…as long as he sticks to Palestinian affairs and the terribly harmful”peace process” and stays away from criticizing the Saudis or the Gulf even as they are in alliance with Israel and doing such terrible harm in Syria and Yemen and Bahrain and Libya and beyond.

But it’s in Washington where the Qataris (and the Saudis of course) have brought so much political/financial corruption for so long.   The latest is an organization Bishara funds via Qatar money of course called the Arab Center.   First horrible mistake:  Bishara hired a long-time slippery operative to head it, Khalil Jahshan.   He’s the same guy who years ago lead the National Association of Arab Americans (NAAA) in Washington to its destruction with millions of dollars unaccounted for and probably ending up in the pockets of Jahshan and crony friends.   The Arab Center’s latest con was a badly conceived lunch at the National Press Club which effectively turned Bishara into a front for the collaborating “Palestinian Authority” regime and the totally discredited Israeli puppet stooge Mahmoud Abbas.