17 01 2017

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DO NOT go to the Inaugural HILLARY!   Once again you have made the wrong decision.  This time there is still time to make the right one!

It’s because of you and yours that Trump is becoming POTUS and even now only 40% of Americans approve — the fewest ever for an incoming President.   DO NOT compound that by being part of his coronation.   It’s well enough that as a former President Bill will go.   But even he should only do the minimum being there just for the swearing in and departing.

If you are really understanding of what has happened, and why, and if you are really seeking redemption, as you should be, go instead to the protests.  And if you can’t bring yourself to do that on Inauguration day then at least do that the next day for the Women’s March.

But DO NOT try to have it both ways this time and once again  exhibit your undoing.  DO NOT go to the Inauguration one day and then to the Women’s March the next.

Please please Hillary show us that you really care and understand!  DO NOT go to the Inaugural!