19 01 2017
Only three official Inaugural Balls, smallest number in memory.  Ball tickets for just $50.   Hotel rooms available and lots of unsold/rented Inaugural Dresses.  Rumors there may be more protestors than supporters!   That’s the reality of the Trump Inaugural…not many coming…though no doubt in the end he will hype/tweet it as “great and tremendous and wonderful”.   The protestors will be the greatest number in history for an Inaugural while the celebrants among the smallest numbers.   Trump is even now plugging “the bikers” who are coming to defend him from the protestors telling all they are really “tough guys” and seeming to suggest confrontation.  Things are so bad that the Trump/Pence people are taking to advertising on Facebook and social media with the following “sponsored content”:
Sponsored ·  Mike Pence  — Would you like an invite to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony?   President-elect Trump wants to personally invite you to the Inaugural Welcome Concert and Inaugural Swearing-In Ceremony. You will receive a limited edition, commemorative ticket as a keepsake to frame and remember this historic event. CLICK HERE to register for your tickets.
And today they are sending out emails far and wide (even to me!) urging people to come to the free and no-ticket-needed concert this afternoon at the Lincoln Memorial:

The 58th Presidential Inauguration

Join us TODAY at our kick-off to inauguration weekend, the Make America Great Again! Welcome Concert!  Performances by Toby Keith, 3 Doors Down, and many more at 4:00 PM at the Lincoln Memorial. General Admission tickets are commemorative and not required for entry into the event.