Worst Start Ever!

24 01 2017

Trump’s inauguration was the least attended in modern history.  Not only were few non-ticketed persons on the Mall.   The metro was like a normal regular day (totally in contrast to the next day of the Women’s March)!   There were 50x more portable bathrooms than needed (not exaggerating!).  The ticketed reviewing stands for the parade on Pennsylvania Avenue were half empty (not exaggerating as I was there and was able to get a top row best-view seat just minutes before the parade started).   Add to this a huge police and military presence — some 35,000 “security personnel”.

Then Trump grand-standed and lied about the crowd in a rather despicable way at the CIA.   Further (we learned since) he stacked the first three rows with his own people clapping and cheering.

Then the Trumpies pooh-poohed the Women’s March which brought FAR FAR FAR more people to Washington to protest Trump rather than applaud him the day before.

Then Trump again personally claimed he had the greatest attendance of any Presidential inaugural.

Then Trump had his new Press Secretary call a most unusual late Saturday Press Briefing where he smacked down the Press for reporting what had actually happened, including the numbers, yet after the press had impromptu assembled refused to take any questions at all.

Then in a series of unprecedentedly contentious Sunday Talk Show interview Trump sent his new White House “Counselor”, the former Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway, out to do unprecedented verbal battle over the lies and bullying Trump himself has become known for as businessman, candidate, President-elect, and now POTUS himself!

Simply put – WORST START EVER for a new American President!