TRUMP: Danger to the World!

1 02 2017

Let’s face it….”Our” President is mentally ill.   Whether a psychopath or a malignant narcissist — likely some combination actually — it’s quite obvious he is at best seriously temperamentally ill-suited to the powers and responsibilities of POTUS.  Chomsky went way out there weeks ago declaring that the “political organization” known as the Trump Republican Party which now controls all branches of the U.S. Government is the “most dangerous in human history”!   And he wasn’t even referring to nuclear weapons — though the hands of the Doomsday Clock have since been advanced to just 2.5 minutes to armageddon.  He was referring to man-made global warming…and this was weeks before the latest scientific warnings that it’s almost “game over” with the planet on a doomsday path even if nukes (and bio and space weapons) all remain holstered.

Trump has himself termed climate “a hoax”.   Just hours after taking office all references to the issue were removed from the White House Web site.  And now Trump is letting it be known he might “erupt” if Prince Charles lectures him about climate change during his official visit to Great Britain in a few months.  The Donald is not only mentally ill, he’s morally and historically deaf and blind.