2 02 2017

Image result for world war III caricature

The United States and China will fight a war within the next ten years over islands in the South China Sea, and “there’s no doubt about that”.   At the same time, the US will be in another “major” war in the Middle East.

These are the views, and the words, last year of the “Chief Strategist” and personal representative on the National Security Council of the psychopathic and malignant narcissist who is now President of the United States.  Steve Bannon himself is a certifiable racist, white-supremacist, and mega-nationalist known for his incendiary beliefs as well as rhetoric.   Already he has orchestrated quite public threats to China, Iran, and Russia as well as a major build-up of U.S. military forces and weapons and “trainers” in Europe, the Middle East, and the Pacific.      Details at top of today.