5 02 2017

The Iranians are right!   To prevent attack and maybe millions killed and their country destroyed — as the Americans and their top allies Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf counties have done to others — Iran must massively build up its military defenses.   That includes racing ahead with more ballistic missiles and deterrence systems so any or all of these aggressor nations knows they will face crushing retaliation.  It’s called DETERRENCE and the Iranians cannot allow themselves to be deterred from building up their military forces by American threats and sanctions and covert ops.

This is especially the case as the Americans have surrounded Iran with military bases and are supplying Israel, the Saudis, and the Gulf countries unprecedented amounts of the most advanced weapons including the latest war planes, missiles, and even super bunker-busting mega bombs.   Of course as well it is the Israelis who possess hundreds of nuclear weapons with delivery systems that including everything from tactical battlefield weapons to advanced missiles to high-tech submarines.


Falling on Trump

5 02 2017