Flashback: 1 Week Before the Election

6 02 2017

It’s Pre-Election FlashBack Week for Me:

FLASHBACK:   A week before the Trump election I wrote the following:

Hillary Can’t Win Now…But

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If she now loses, as former top Carter-era Presidential pollster Pat Caddell now posits may happen next Tuesday, not only does she go down in political infamy she may well face legal prosecution.   If she still wins, because many rightly conclude Trump is the far greater evil, she not only won’t be able to govern a deeply fractured country, she will face investigations and leaks from Day #1 and maybe even be hounded from the oval office one way or another.

Only one thing is for sure now – America itself is losing big.  The corrupted two-party system is dragging the country down.   Election day only symbolizes the multitude of ways the overall system has been rigged, not the day itself.  It is the everyday rigging that has finally led to such popular disgust as well as such aggravated politics.  Unless mega money is seriously restricted from politics; unless the revolving door is sealed with term limits and enforced lobby restrictions; unless the alliance between Wall Street on the East Coast, Hollywood on the West Coast, and power in Washington is smashed…the American Empire is not only in endangered retreat abroad but the very fabric of American democracy and civic freedoms is unraveling at home.

Pollster and top adviser Caddell by the way was at Jimmy Carter’s side in the White House as Reagan surged in the last weeks and took that 1980 election.   That’s when the term “October Surprise” was born…albeit very different circumstances and surprises back then.   I don’t know if he’s right this time.   But that he sees the signs both in the polling data and in his gut is ominous enough.

Lesser of Evils?  How tragically yes.  Vote for her?  Even with all the doubts and hesitations, if only at this point to keep the super psychopathic narcissist and his super dangerous minions from power (a la but admittedly still quite different from the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party 85 years ago), how maddeningly yes.