WAR?! Russia…China…Iran…Islam…

8 02 2017


Vladimir Putin orders Russian Air Force to be prepared to launch attacks at ANY MINUTE – as fears over World War III continue to grow

(This banner headline today in THE SUN published in London)

Lithuanian snipers take part in training exercises in Eastern Europe

Massive NATO war games are underway as U.S. tanks, troops, planes continue to pour into Eastern Europe near the border with Russia.   The U.S. and NATO are doing precisely what they promised they would not due back when the Soviet Union was coming apart.   Russia feels endangered…and it is!

Beyond Europe, the U.S. has a major military build-up underway in the Pacific as well with China the obvious target.  Beyond the Pacific there’s the Middle East where the U.S. has dozens of major military bases plus CIA stations and is greatly escalating arms deliveries and sales to Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and beyond.

In Europe, the Middle East, as well as the Pacific U.S. military as well as cyber, mercenary, and covert forces are being used to buttress U.S. economic and political hegemony and domination.   As a result, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists dramatized last week here in Washington at the National Press Club that the hands of the Doomsday Clock have been moved forward as rarely before to 2.5 minutes to midnight!