9 02 2017
Americans for Peace Now

PEACE NOW, and it’s front organization in the U.S., AMERICANS FOR PEACE NOW, has been misleading and misguiding “liberal” American Jews and the media and progressive church groups for decades.   It’s long past time to realize PEACE NOW is a clever and crafty deception coming from the heart of the worldwide Zionist movement.

While it’s behind-the-scenes “controller” in the U.S. is the Presidents Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations,  of which it is a loyal member and which itself is controlled from Israel, PEACE NOW is day-to-day controlled by wealthy and extraordinarily hypocritical on-the-make-and-take Americans Jews, such as its Chairman Jim Klutznick.  It is actually an extremely love-Israel Zionist organization purposefully designed to soak up the energy and money of “liberal” American Jews and channel it all in ways supportive and most importantly unharmful to Israel.

That is why PEACE NOW is in the forefront of denouncing the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions against Israel movement (BDS) and always championing more money and weapons to Israel no matter what the Israelis say and do.

So what to do?  Actually that’s not so difficult a question at the most basic level.  Simply totally stop supporting or even being involved with Peace Now and APN.   It’s more difficult to think about what more to do new and now.   Though Jewish Voices for Peace (JVP) has other problems, at least it has positively evolved in recent years and is deserving of support and encouragement.   Better yet, at the grassroots where there are limited realistic options for most people, make contact with and support BDS and associated Church-related groups.   Beyond that at the strategic and national/international level it becomes much more difficult to determine what can usefully be done…but that’s for another day.


Russia, China, or America?

9 02 2017

Image result for caricature human race evolving

Not that long ago, during the era of the Cold War (Korea, Vietnam, et. al.) the world was supposedly fighting over ideology and the future…Capitalism versus Communism versus Socialism.   The Americans were banishing their own intellectuals and artists who dared to oppose American imperialism and exceptionalism proclaiming instead “One World”; while the nation-state system was preparing for nuclear annihilation.  Things have evolved and ideology is no longer in the forefront having been replaced by extreme nationalism (America First!) in juxtaposition to a new internationalism now in decline (Globalism).

With this understood let’s ask a raw question Americans have a really hard time even thinking about.    If the new China produces a President Xi (with the Red Party), and if the resurgent Russia produces a Putin (with Lavrov), and if the U.S.A. produces a Trump (with Exxon/Mobil), for its leadership…which country should be more feared, and which country should be more admired and respected, at this time in history?


9 02 2017