Russia, China, or America?

9 02 2017

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Not that long ago, during the era of the Cold War (Korea, Vietnam, et. al.) the world was supposedly fighting over ideology and the future…Capitalism versus Communism versus Socialism.   The Americans were banishing their own intellectuals and artists who dared to oppose American imperialism and exceptionalism proclaiming instead “One World”; while the nation-state system was preparing for nuclear annihilation.  Things have evolved and ideology is no longer in the forefront having been replaced by extreme nationalism (America First!) in juxtaposition to a new internationalism now in decline (Globalism).

With this understood let’s ask a raw question Americans have a really hard time even thinking about.    If the new China produces a President Xi (with the Red Party), and if the resurgent Russia produces a Putin (with Lavrov), and if the U.S.A. produces a Trump (with Exxon/Mobil), for its leadership…which country should be more feared, and which country should be more admired and respected, at this time in history?