11 02 2017

Trump has now been super slapped down by the Courts, the public, the media, and America’s top multi-national corporations, as well as an unprecedented collection of top former government officials.  But nevertheless he commands the extensive powers and prerogatives of POTUS and he will rise again quickly with a new Presidential Directive.  Rather than protecting Americans and preventing terrorism he is actually stirring and provoking it.  As Professor Hamid Dabashi at Columbia University blatantly warns:

“Demonisation and official persecution of Muslims, just as Jews were in Nazi Germany, will progress apace until he manufactures his ‘Reichstag Fire’.”

Trump can be weakened by continuation of the challenges from multiple quarters, but he cannot be stopped.  In fact a weakened Trump will be an even more dangerous psychopathic POTUS.   With the Republicans in charge of Congress and Pence waiting in the wings only previously unthinkable options can stop what Chomsky has declared to be the “most dangerous political organization in human history”!