Hey Trump! NOT Walls but Dams, Bridges, Roads, Hospitals

13 02 2017

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Nearly 200,000 Americans are evacuating homes in California right now today as one of the country’s largest dams may break and super flood.     In Washington DC the Memorial Bridge leading to Arlington Cemetery and the Lincoln Monument is crumbling with lane closings and special restrictions — and the failing Metro system is a national embarrassment!    On crumbling American highways and in infectious American hospitals many more people are killed unnecessarily every month than have been killed by “terrorists” in total since the counting started long ago!

OK TRUMP!  Get to it!   We don’t need your damn Wall and outrageously excessive and ill-considered Presidential Orders!   We do need to urgently fix America’s dams, bridges, road, hospitals, and so much more!

Image result for caricature trump and the wall