Trump bloody and wounded already

14 02 2017

His National Security Adviser is gone…sacrificed late Monday night.   Just hours before his top “counselor”, the ubiquitous Kellyann Conway, had quite vocally declared the President had “full confidence” in Michael Flynn.   Then on the morning talk-shows Tuesday the usually effervescent Conway was clearly exhausted, unusually restrained, and bordering on repetitiously incoherence. Forced now to explain what had happened including her own misleading and obviously not true and/or nonsensical comments Ms. Conway bumbled away.

This disaster of course comes on top of the major “immigration” debacle with the unprecedented District and Circuit Court decisions unanimous rebuffing Trump.

With such political blood already oozing, watch for increasing attacks on the Bannon/Miller duo,  Trump’s top ideologues and “strategists”, and Conway herself.

Even worse and much more ominous, worries about what would result from a Trump breakdown and/or assassination have reached public though muted discussion both at home and abroad.


NBC News – Fake! Shame! Repent!

14 02 2017

What NBC News did last week is deplorable…not to mention stupid and fake.  And it should be a hanging offense.   By that I mean they got rid of their top newsman, Brian Williams, last year for let’s say grossly embellishing himself and loosing his credibility.  Now whoever is the senior producer who let the Russia/Snowden story be broadcast last week should be fired.

Best we can figure out at this point some of the weirdo Trumpees leaked the story that the Russians were thinking of “gifting” Edward Snowden to the new President they favored.    Rather than realizing right from the start that they were being set up and that this was in all likelihood a psych op/fake news ploy, NBC ran with it as a lead “Exclusive” on their Evening News program and again the next morning on their flagship Today Show.    Now it’s NBC News itself which has seriously endangered its own credibility!