Anti-Trump COUP Underway

15 02 2017

Image result for caricature trump coup

Americans always do things differently, including political coups!   What’s underway now in Washington is nothing less than a slow-but-steady anti-Trump Coup.  The goal is to bring down Trump and replace him with Pence.   But it’s not really about persons…it’s about policies, power, money, control, domination, and ideology.

Aligned against Trump and his alt-right cabal is a never-before coalition all intent for their own differing reasons on bringing him down or at the very least weakening him so badly he cannot undo them:

  • Intelligence Agencies
  • Republican Establishment
  • Neocon Establishment
  • Congressional Leaders of both parties
  • Major Media including “mainstream” right-wing
  • Major Corporations and Executives
  • Obama Legacy appointees
  • Democratic Party

Stay tuned!   Things are going to be far more messy and bloody and dangerous!