25 02 2017

Trump is a Malignant Narcissist/Psychopath.  Bannon is a Revolutionary Deconstructurist/alt-Anarchist.   Trump’s alt-Republican “Political Organization” according to Chomsky is the most dangerous in human history!  In combination American is now led by extremist nationalists/imperialists/militarists/alt-fascists.

If the world today is like the Titanic, Trump/Bannon/Party is like the Iceberg we know we’ve been warned repeatedly to watch out for but we are now headed smack toward (or is it we have already collided with it).

I sum up my day at CPAC yesterday which began with the major maybe historic Trump speech in this admittedly exceedingly alarmist way.   Watch it in full from my vantage point  at

Nazi-themed cartoon of Trump & Bannon aboard ‘Titanic’ published by Chinese paper (PHOTO)