Trump: More NUKES + Military

1 03 2017

Image result for caricature arms race

Trump’s “acting Presidential” speech to the Congress…and the world…last night was full of distortions, exaggerations, and let us pitifully sum up with the word Falsehoods.   Moreover what Trump is really doing that has frightening immediate international consequences is tremendously increasing the U.S military budget (by a whopping 9%) at the expense of American social programs; not to mention his emphasis on building even more American nukes.   In short the Americans are forcing the world into a vast unprecedented neo-arms race — this time one not just limited to nukes but also focusing on cyber, space, and new secret classified super weapons.

Accordingly, both Russia and China are being forced to quickly respond and greatly escalate their own weapons programs in all dimensions.  And Iran plus North Korea, et. al., are being forced to double-down themselves understandably concluding that without sufficient deterrent power they are likely to face the fate of others the Americans and their allies have targeted.