100+ Top Generals PROTEST AGAINST Trump Pentagon INCREASE!

4 03 2017

Image result for caricature u.s. military“Cutting the State Department budget by 30 percent is consigning us to a generational war. We cannot fight our way out of this. It is an issue which can be decided by decisive diplomacy and enlightened development,” General George Allen told CBS News. “If [the president] wants to eradicate radical Islamic terrorism, his only hope of doing it is not through an interminable war on Islam. It is by funding the very things in the State Department that give us the capacity to work with other countries and to help, in the context of development, to change the human condition in places in the world where young men and women are radicalized by virtue of the social environments they are in. They are pushed into the arms of extremists who we must fight.”

When top Generals take to protesting Trump’s increased military spending calling for more State Department “Diplomacy” Spending you know something is very very very wrong!   The recent Washington Post story about this is at the top of WashReport.com today.