5 03 2017

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Trump and his Evangelical hoards now led by the “Mad Dog” General at the Pentagon are rampaging throughout the Middle East….and preparing for much more!  Think “bomb,bomb, bomb Iran” McCain along with CPAC, Liberty University, CUFI, as well as the alt-right neocons.   The Israelis helped grease the way for all this but wisely stay in the background now that it’s all underway at full steam.

The U.S. is now bombing extensively in Yemen in alliance with the Saudis and Gulf countries which it has supplied with tens of billions in new weapons.  And yet there has been no declaration of war and not even a debate about it in Congress!

The U.S. is bombing even more and escalating both uniformed and covert troops and spooks in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and beyond.    More troops and arms are on the way.

The U.S. is preparing for regional war taking on Iran, Lebanon (Hezbollah), and Palestine (Hamas), in addition to all the “Islamic” forces that have spring up throughout the region as a result of past U.S. policies.   That’s why the vast arms flow to Israel, Saudi Arabia, GCC is escalating even further.

All this helps explain why Trump is drastically cutting the State Department and foreign aid budgets by 30%, along with funds for climate control, while greatly increasing the massive funding already going to the Pentagon/CIA/NSA by 10% more.   Not even in the days of the Cold War did any President order such a vast military build-up with nearly everything else slashed.