10 03 2017

Already Psychopath Trump and Mad Dog Mattis and General McMaster have greatly expanded U.S. involvement in the wars in YEMEN and SYRIA.   They are also doing so in both IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN where things continue to deteriorate even with brazen attacks in Kabul close to the American Embassy.

Beyond the Middle East the Trumpees have sent America’s strategic B1 and B2 bombers along with new missiles to SOUTH KOREA, stepped up the military alliance with JAPAN, and quite publicly threatened CHINA.

And beyond the threats and weapons, as well as the further unleashing of the CIA and NSA and cyber weapons, the Trumpees have greatly escalated the military budget.   In doing so they have cut back so many other essential things, like the State Department and Foreign Aid, that even 120 Generals have gotten together to protest in unprecedented fashion against the blatant military escalations.