TRUMP and America in FREEFALL

14 03 2017

A few days ago the former top CBS News Anchorman Dan Rather declared Trump to be in “freefall”“The sheer level of paranoia that is radiating out of the White House is untenable” Rather concluded.

With Trumpcare being tremendously attacked from the get-go…   With his seriously contorted military/security budget being pummeled as unprecendentedly dangerous…   With his sending vast arms, troops, and covert ops to both the Middle East and Asia as never before…   With his off-base oftentimes nutty tweets finally coming back to haunt him…  With professional psychologists coming together to declare him “mentally ill”…  With his defamation that Obama is a “bad (or sick) guy”…

How long the psychopathic/narcissistic snake oil salesman can keep up the “Make America Great Again” charade is more in doubt now than ever.   Trump may have succeeded by breaking all the rules to get himself into the White House.    But the history of the American Presidency when POTUS doesn’t deliver is at best to accomplish little with a public growing with disdain and disapproval, or a President who purposefully ignites a foreign adventure/war to blunt everything else with flag-waving and hysteria.

With Trump the later is for sure his most likely course combined with blaming everyone but himself and his Trumpees for the growing list of gross failures.   True to form he will then even more lash out at all “the enemies” — “the” media, the Democrats, the Republican establishment, the Congress, the “Deep State”…and in the world “Islamic extremists”, Iran, North Korea, China and Russia as well as his ill-conceived rapproachment fizzles.

It’s really “freefall” for America and yes indeed it is “untenable”.  The big questions are now how far and how fast and with what explosive and tragic end?