TRUMP wins yesterday

30 04 2017

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He is mentally-ill and super dangerous, but he is still POTUS and making terrible changes in the country and the world — climate at the top of the list.   Events Saturday illustrated this so tragically…and ominously.

  • While huge crowds marched in record April heat around Washington and the White House in the Peoples Climate demonstration, Trump was absent.
  • While Chomsky has declared the Trumpees the “most dangerous political organization” in the “history of humanity” because of climate few in Washington are even aware.

While Trump was holding a campaign-rally in Harrisburg PA declaring “I could not possibly be more thrilled than to be 100 miles away from Washington swamp spending my evening with all of you, and with a much much larger crowd and much better people”, he forced the CEO of the White House Correspondents’ Association dinning sans President for the first time in 35 year, to feel he had to declare “We are NOT Fake News.  And we are NOT the Enemy of the American People.”  

Note:  the last time POTUS did not attend this “must” dinner it was Reagan…but he had been shot and was in the hospital!

  • And let’s not forget that just last Saturday, another massive crowd paraded in protest around Washington feeling they had to “March for Science”…something we’ve always assumed until now!

Videos of these and other marches as if you were there are at:



28 04 2017

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Act Fast, Firm, Dignified, Strong, Determined, Resolute CHINA!   Yesterday Trump very publicly complimented President Xi and Sec Tillerson opened the door to “talks” with North Korea.   It’s time to seize the momentum and demonstrate new China’s diplomatic skills and might on top of its growing economic and military strength.    Step forward publicly now, quickly this weekend, inviting representatives of the U.S. as well as both North and South Korea to Beijing for consultations.   If done right it will be difficult for any of the parties to refuse.   And even if one or more parties do, you are still the winner and better positioned for what is to come.  Whatever, don’t let any one of them haggle and delay and obfuscate.    Set a date and make the invitation very public; though the talks will be very private.

More to come from me about how to actually handle all aspects of the talks.   But don’t delay and/or let the Americans cower or bamboozle you about taking this invitation step.   Trump gave you no notice that while inviting you to dinner he has simultaneously ordered the bombing of Syria.   Korea is your part of the world…you need give no notice about this.   Just rise quickly now to this unique historic occasion and opportunity!

Israel/USA/PA Vs Palestinians

28 04 2017

Mahmoud Abbas and his delegation of crony, quisling, VIP Palestinians has been summoned to the White House by the Trumpees.   The now totally illegitimate not real “President” of fractured, shrunken, walled-in, and multiply occupied Palestine will be here in Washington next week.

Long ago it became rather obvious that the “Palestinian Authority” had become a dastardly agent, a contractor occupier regime, for the Israelis and their American benefactors.   In the graphic below:   For the arm under the USA insert the letters “PA”.  For the left arm of the bloody body insert “West Bank and Jerusalem”.

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26 04 2017

It’s not just propagandistic fright-creating psychological warfare.  The threats are real beyond the scary rhetoric and the expanding war games.  From Asia to the Middle East our world is on the “eve of destruction”.*

In the U.S. the super-hawk neocon militants along with the America-firsters and hoards of Trump’s Christian Evangelical Zealots are all pushing hard for a total resurgence of U.S. military domination worldwide.  In doing so — egged on by the Israelis, the Saudis, and NATO (each for their own reasons) — the risks of WWIII have never been greater.  Indeed it’s time for The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists to again advance the Doomsday clock — this time to 2 minutes to Midnight.

Here are the headlines, one after another, from today’s Drudge Report along with this picture of the Korean army preparing for battle:  


  • Nuclear attack drills held outside of Manhattan…
  • NBCNEWS: How to survive…
  • DC responders prepare for ‘complex’ terror attack…
  • Air Force launches test missile off California coast…

As Chomsky so rightly warns, the greatest threat to world peace is ourselves, the U.S.A.     And as the psychiatric professionals led by John Gartner so rightly warned last week at Yale, America has a mentally-ill malignant-narcissist President who is extremely dangerous.  But it’s not just him…it’s the further Trump empowered military-industrial-CIA complex whose powers have grown tremendously since 9/11 which now threatens everyone everywhere.  The big war clock is ticking away.

* that haunting protest song from the 60’s —

“Crazy” Netanyahu

26 04 2017

Image result for caricature crazy netanyahuNot my word choice this time, but rather that of the German Foreign Minister yesterday in Jerusalem.

Germany’s also Vice Chancellor, Sigmar Gabriel, met with a group of former soldiers who are critical of Israel’s Palestinian policies.  When Bibi lashed out telling Gabriel that as a result he was canceled, the Foreign Minister responded as follows:

“It simply can’t be.  Imagine if we would invite Mr. Netanyahu to Germany and he wants to meet with NGOs that are critical of the government and we say, ‘If you do that we’ll break off the visit’.  People would tell us we’re crazy.”

Thanks Sigmar, Bibi needed that!   And so did the rest of us!

UN Security Council screws up today

24 04 2017
TRUMP:  The U.N. is ‘just a club for people to talk and 
have a good time’ 

united nations The U.N. Security Council is further besmirching itself today.   Summoned by Trump it is convening at the White House with Trump acting as Chairman and host.

Not only should the American President have been told “Glad to meet with you if you like, come lunch with us at U.N. Headquarters.”   But this POTUS should be read the riot act rather than allowed to preside on his own terms in his own power trappings.  This is a U.S. President who just recently defied the U.N. and bombed Syria, is threatening on his own to start a possible nuclear war by bombing North Korea, has said he is going to greatly de-fund the U.N., and has threatened to withdraw altogether from the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, and other U.N. bodies.

Since the Americans hold the Presidency of the Security Council this month, it could be that Ambassador Nikki Haley herself ordered this White House event.  If so one of the things the other members of the Security Council should say today when they finish up at the White House is that President Haley has now been asked to schedule meetings of the Security Council in Beijing, Moscow, Paris, and London…in all of the capitals of the Permanent Members.   And when she refuses she should be outed for abusing her authority as it’s long past time for the U.N. to stop being used and manipulated by the U.S.

“Sick War-Mongering Nation”

22 04 2017

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Sometimes the profound hard-hitting observations come obscurely from friends lashing out online without censorship or editing…as in this case:

 ” It says something very sad about the mentality of Americans when a president’s “approval ratings” soar after he attacks other nations and uses bombs, armaments, etc. We are profoundly sick as a collective society and Congress has demonstrated, with approval of our massive military budget, that we are a war mongering nation.”